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Custom Family Room Additions

Forget the hassle of finding a new home in Lancaster and Chester County, PA including the Main Line area, that’s just right for your needs and explore the possibilities with family room additions expertly planned and built by the team from Smucker Brothers Construction. We have the skills and resources required to turn living room addition dreams into beautiful realities. If your dreams happen to include a beautiful family room addition designed to match and enhance your home’s architectural features, then you’ve come to the right place.

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Beautiful Family Room Addition

Why Consider A Family Room Remodel?

Your home is your single biggest investment. So, understandably, it’s something you want to keep enjoying, even as your living needs and family dynamics change over time. Plus, today’s homeowners are increasingly on the hunt for more room in a way that’s practical and affordable. If your home is running low on space or starting to feel a bit cramped, a family room remodel can be a perfect solution. The main benefit of a new family room addition is the ability to have the room created based on your exact preferences.

Even if you’re not sure how an extra room can work within your home’s existing layout or fit into your architectural style, our experienced home improvement contractors can offer suggestions you may not have considered. What some people refer to as a “second living room” can also have some non-traditional uses. Options include:

  • A cozy, more relaxed office area
  • A workout or exercise room
  • A home entertainment space
  • A multi-purpose room that meets many different needs

Chester County Remodel Services

There are many possible places your family room addition can be located. A common choice among homeowners is just off the kitchen. A family room addition off the kitchen can work well since it will be located adjacent to what’s likely one of the most-used spaces in your home. As such, it’s often the main hub for socialization and entertainment. If, for instance, gatherings suddenly grow too large for the kitchen, you easily take the conversations into the adjacent family room.

Because of the attention to detail that goes into our building process, a family room addition in this spot can blend in perfectly without disrupting the flow of traffic in your home or affecting a view you still want to enjoy. Many homeowners throughout Chester County and surrounding communities also appreciate having an extra room by the kitchen because it can serve as:

Cost-Effective Living Room Additions

You may love your living room, but it may not be a room that’s all that multi-purpose or in line with your current lifestyle. While we can certainly help you improve it, another solution is to create an entirely new space that complements it. Thanks to our expertise in designing, living room additions can include features such as larger windows to let more light in, modern fixtures, energy-efficient materials, and architectural details that can make it a perfect extension of your home.

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Experienced Living Room Remodel Professionals

Any type of home remodeling project in Chester County, PA, can seem like a big undertaking when you’re just in the planning phase. What we do at Smucker Brothers Construction is streamline the home improvement process with comprehensive project planning assistance and careful coordination of all project-related activities. With room additions, our experienced living room remodel professionals take care of all project-related details, including:

  • Any necessary foundation work
  • Wall and roof framing
  • Adding an adjacent deck or porch to your family room addition
  • Installing roofing
  • Incorporating details like a fireplace
  • Adding a door to create a separate entrance from the outside
  • Securing necessary permits
  • Adhering to any applicable zoning or homeowners’ association regulations

Family room addition off the kitchen

A family room addition in Chester County, PA, from Smucker Brothers Construction, can be something you’ll appreciate for many years. It can be an added source of value for your home. We make the process of constructing a family room addition, regardless of where it will be located or how big or small you want it to be, simple and stress-free from start to finish. Contact us today for a free estimate.


Deck turned out great! Mike was great to work with, crew was friendly, work was done quickly, but did not sacrifice quality. Price was very competitive and included taking care of the permits. Highly recommend!

-- Ken S.